Max van der Wal (1993)


During my Sonology studies in the Conservatoire in The Hague I became intrigued by several musical concepts regarding technical aspects, compositional theories as well as the role the attention of the listener plays in the reception of music.

The listener’s experience and subjective perception of a work of art is in itself inspiring to me. It has pushed me into a direction where my art tries to incorporate the listener’s perception and active or non-active participation using elements of stillness, ambiguity and boredom which then again permits the possibility of self-exploration.

In order to achieve this I work with systems, either electronic or intuitive, with great detail, including small alterations producing grand scale variation as well as the incorporation of elements which are beyond my influence.

I was educated as a musician, but I am currently concentrating on photography and video work. I attempt to utilise the same techniques and theories in the visual as in the audio domain to create a new entry point in regard to (moving) imagery.